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Outsourcing Services for the Insurance Industry

Our insurance telemarketing services can help insurance companies improve sales and efficiency.  We provide effective, affordable, and easy solutions to help you and your agency generate leads and set appointments.

Insurance Quote Telemarketing

We can help your company call any size list of customers or prospects.  Our telemarketers do a superb job asking the necessary questions, gathering information, and submitting qualified quotes.  We can provide trained telemarketers from our American managed call center in the Philippines to help generate potential customers or upsell current customers.  We have helped our clients generate leads for whole life, term, and final expense insurance.  Whether making outbound calls to people who may not know of your rates, or taking inbound calls from actively interested prospects, our telemarketing services can help increase the return on your investment for almost any inbound or outbound campaign.

Insurance Quote Lead Verifications

Our telemarketers can cold call to generate new business, or call to verify externally generated leads.  Additionally, we can assist with simple calls your customer service or sales agents have to make in order to successfully complete sales.  Do you have a lot of web leads you would like to follow up on?  We can put a low cost solutions in place that delivers results and have your agents spend more time delivering revenue.

Agent Recruitment Telemarketing

We can provide telemarketers to actively call, search and find prospective insurance agents.  We can provide appointment setting and confirmation services that can cover a large volume of candidates.

Interview Appointment Confirmation

Our call center provides telemarketers and virtual assistants to help clients hire candidates and confirm appointments.  We can provide a dedicated telemarketing and appointment setting representatives to help contact companies and potential job candidates to coordinate times and confirm personal contact information.  Outsourcing these tasks can allow you to spend more time performing more revenue generating functions.

We support insurance claim processing services including documentation, claims submissions, and claims settlement.

An Insurance Agent Virtual Assistant can follow up on cold leads, handle customer service, make copies, fulfill orders, fax documents, or any of the other day-to-day tasks that get in the way of what you do best, providing insurance services.

A professional virtual assistant from Hit Rate Solutions can do every back end task that has been eating up your company’s valuable time.  A virtual assistant can even qualify leads, saving your time to call on qualified prospects.  We can handle any task that keeps you away from bringing in new clients.