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Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Outsource your call center services to Hit Rate Solutions, and reap the the benefits of cost control, improved customer service, and broader marketing reach.  We provide American owned, operated, and managed offshore call centers in the Philippines to deliver superior outsourcing services such as:



Our call center provides both the people and technology necessary for excellent customer support and inbound call center services.  Our technology infrastructure can handle multi-level routing, multi-skill routing, blended inbound & outbound campaigns, quality assurance, call monitoring, and recording.  Our multichannel voice and back office services can be tailored to provide superior customer interaction for your particular clientele.  How do we do it?



Our management team is comprised of Americans who put the necessary processes in place for your project to achieve its goals.  Your outsourcing campaign will be staffed with motivated, highly qualified, and properly managed employees. Your educated and experienced employees will adeptly support your campaign without the rampant turnover rates that affect other offshore call centers and outsourcing companies. Our committed Filipino agents will enthusiastically support your business, and enjoy working with Americans.


Affordable Pricing

Our Philippines call centers are selected solely based on employee ability and cost-efficiency. This allows us to provide our customers with excellent call center and telemarketing services at budget-friendly prices. Our goals extend beyond simply inexpensive labor – we aim to source the smartest, most suitable, and qualified employees in a cost-effective manner.



We proudly provide our customers with weekly call reports, activity reports, and up to date information regarding their outsourcing project.  Unlike most offshore call centers, members of our management team are located in both the US, and on site in the Philippines.

When you combine our people, management, customer service, and technology applications, there is no other call center outsourcing service that can can compete with our pricing and quality. We take the necessary time to learn your processes, find the right approach, and staff your campaign with agents who will effectively accomplish your tasks.


Outbound Telemarketing Services

Our mission is to provide affordable offshore telemarketing services with 100% customer satisfaction. Unlike most telemarketing companies, we can create, tailor, manage, or optimize any type of inbound or outbound campaign or program. Our friendly, educated, and enthusiastic telemarketers can quickly and effectively help your company achieve superior results. Whether you are looking for B2B appointment setting, or sales lead generation, we can craft solutions that will meet your needs. Our call center has the latest, cutting-edge phone systems, and an on-site training and management team to ensure your campaign is properly executed. We can handle accounts of any size, from a single agent, to over 100 telemarketers covering multiple shifts. Hit Rate Solutions provides outbound telemarketers who can help your company replace, or improve upon its B2B sales and appointment setting campaigns. Our agents excel at insurance telemarketing, mortgage lead generation and qualification, and setting appointments. We help companies that need to generate leads, and those who have have existing leads that need to be qualified, verified, or that require a follow-up call of any sort. Our telemarketers can make anywhere from 50 to 250 cold calls per day, depending on the nature of the campaign.

Inbound Customer Service

Our inbound customer service campaigns create a virtual customer service center to manage customer concerns through multiple channels. Some of our BPO channels can include voice services, direct response, e-mail, and live chat support on a 24/7 basis. Typical customer service interactions include order taking, or customers calling to check on order status, customers calling to gather information regarding products and services, customers calling to verify their account status, check their order status, subscription cancellations, etc.

We are firmly dedicated to providing the positive caller experience necessary to build your brand, develop loyal product or service mavens, and improve your company's overall consumer satisfaction levels.


We are a global provider of outsourced contact center services to companies worldwide and deliver customer service for international market leaders. We deliver exceptional customer service and technical support for the Insurance and Healthcare industries. Our low-risk solutions enable great service that answers our clients’ needs. We provide high-quality customer care and are consistently ranked by our clients and their customers as their top customer care provider. We focus on customers to build rapport and drive customer satisfaction. We promote a pro-active environment that takes advantage of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities once a customer support issue has been addressed. After we ensure that our representatives can connect credibly with customers, solve their problems, and convert service interactions into sales opportunities, we then work on improving efficiencies. Our call center cares for your customers better and help you keep them longer.

Why Outsource to the Philippines?

The Philippines is a fertile ground for outsourcing excellence as it provides inexpensive operational costs, an ambitious and talented labor pool, and a Western-friendly culture. The Philippines is home to the world's 5th largest English speaking population, right behind the United Kingdom at number 4. The technological growth of the past decade has enabled Filipinos to put their educations and skills to work as virtual employees of corporations everywhere. The BPO industry has provided good jobs to many, and new opportunities to hard working residents. Most universities offer call center training and students aspire to excel at jobs that were previously confined to G7 countries. The Philippines call center industry is growing fast, and is ready for your business.